Europe must not bail out nuclear industry

Commenting on European Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger’s suggestion that state aid rules should be changed to allow public financing of new nuclear power stations, EGP Co-Chair and MEP Reinhard Bütikofer said, “Commissioner Oettinger is breaking the promise he made, before the European Parliament accepted him for the energy portfolio.»

«He promised that he would not use his position to promote the nuclear industry. Now, that is exactly what he is doing behind closed doors.
“This is a crazy idea. To waste European taxpayers’ money and risk their health on a dangerous unprofitable technology would be an outrage, and the worst possible investment one can imagine. Europe must not bail out the nuclear industry.

More and more, Oettinger is acting as a nuclear fossil lobbyist in disguise. We call on President Barroso to remind him of his duties.”


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